Below are some of the most frequently asked questions here at Kel-West Carriers Ltd.

Top 11 Questions

1) What is your service area?

In a word - anywhere! Our primary market is North America. Kel-West offers point to point service everywhere in Canada, plus we deliver to any point in the US or Mexico from any point in Canada. We also pick up from any point south of the border(s) for delivery in Canada.

2) How do you maximize payload weight?

We're able to handle heavier loads than many of our competitors because our tractor and trailer units are made with state of the art lightweight alloys that are tough and durable, but don't tip the scales.

3) What is your maintenance schedule?

At Kel-West, we've staked our reputation on getting customers' deliveries to their destinations on time, safely and on budget. That's why we invest in regular top notch maintenance and continuous safety checks on all of our units. We have one of the best safety records in the business, and much of that is due to the regular care we take of our vehicles.

4) How quickly can you service an order?

Depending on the circumstances, we can pick up your load within five minutes, or up to a week. Of course, the more lead time you give us, the more precisely we'll be able to fit into your schedule. In fact, we're pleased to make an appointment for the exact delivery time.

5) What if my order is urgent?

We provide Hot Shot service for loads that need to double the daily distance. Our team driver system can travel up to 1,000 miles a day. That's a three day turnaround, coast to coast!

6) Do you carry partial loads?

Yes. Contact our dispatch or sales to facilitate your less than full load.

7) Do you carry hazardous materials?

Kel-West does handle low level hasmats within Canada, but not in the U.S.

8) What equipment do you have for handling glass and other delicate shipments?

Kel-West has Air-ride trailers for sensitive machinery and equipment. We also are able to provide B-Trains, Maxi and RGN Equipment.

9) What is your safety record?

Kel-West's has one of the lowest accident and cargo claims rates in the business. Click here  to see our safety record compared with the rest of the industry.

10) What about insurance?

All of our equipment and cargo is fully insured.